• Electroplating is the process of coating one metal or metal object with a very thin layer of another metal, typically by applying a direct electric current.

  • Electroplating Color can be worn off over months and years of use and wear.

  • COLOR plating eventually wears off, but the rate of tarnish can vary greatly depending on the piece



  • A non-stick surface is a surface engineered to reduce the ability of other materials to stick to it. Better-quality coatings are more durable, but eventually it will peel and flake, and keep their non-stick properties not last longer.

  • Today, many consumers safely and happily use metal utensils on nonstick coatings with no issues. The problem is when there is an expectation about “perfection”, because all coatings will eventually fail and degradation after month or years. 

  • Teflon is a material often used as a non-stick coating on cookware. Occasionally, Teflon can develop scrapes and scratches as a result of interaction with other utensils or by using, which reduces its non-stick properties.

  • At JibbiJug we take the highest of care with the manufacturer to ensure that the standard of all coatings is acceptable. There would be some unavoidable abrasions and Peeling off  after even first used . Please be advised that this damage issued after used we will not provide refund or return in respect thereof.

  • Teflon Coating is applied to both external, and internal surfaces of the jug, to provide a non-stick surface to the entire jug. This teflon is not last longing as it can have a scratches after being touched by other materials.

  • We highly recommended you buy an electroplating options for last longer purpose. 


  • All JIBBIJUGs are made with 304 grade stainless steel. The application of colorplating to our products, is to make it appear more attractive. Please be aware that there are slight different color tones in some area, and in rare cases, may have some tiny soft spots on the metal. It all depends on the color schemes, methods, finish, and material used for coating, and surface chemical treatments.

  • Any wire markings on the inside of the milk jugs is a normal occurrence during the electroplating by using the wire to attached the Jug to submerge into the solution as its purpose is just to hold the the jug into the electroforming solution. Such markings occur naturally and vary from jug to jug. They can not be avoided and ensure our authenticity, but are in no way a defect or poor production. All jugs are inspected by us prior to shipping to meet our requisite standard. 

    • The Color Plating is application is only intended to appear on the exterior surface of the jug. But in most cases, such application may unintentionally appear inside the jug.
    • Wire marking/ Light haze or fine scratch line may appear on the internal surface of the jug. This is common to all jugs with an Electroplating application, and is not a defect.
  • You will find a different combination of Blue shade (Aqua, Purple, Dark blue or light blue) in one jugs, It is normal and not a defect. The blue color will be easily shown your finger print after first used and it is not a color defect, after micro cloth wipe it will be disappeared.

  • All jugs are made from a mould and are produced on a machine which bends the sheet metal. In the process unfortunately at times the metal might come into contact with another object that slightly scratches the metal. Whilst all care is taken in looking at each jug, there can be no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a surface with no scratches. What we can however assure you is that your jug is still operational and the scratches will not affect your latte art or milk frothing. As with everything, once we wash or use regularly new scratches and Finger prints will appear.

  • Gold/ RoseGold/ Blue Plating,  this Color which has more of a copper/ Blue color than gold this causes the copper/blue at the surface to oxidize in a normal manner. You will find a mark or stain or tarnish on the surface. This is not a defect or used jug. Anything plated will eventually tarnish with time and wear. 


  • Not dishwasher proof.

  • Hand wash only.

  • Not chemical resistance and color retention.


We are well aware every customer wants a jug with perfect alignment between spout and handle. Building products that people love is a part of our design goals and vision. By creating high-quality products, we have developed and implemented proper tools to ensure best practices for manufacturing operation.


As the stainless steel material have their own tenacity, and each part’s tenacity is different, after the producing steps each component will be different for every parts of the milk jugs. We will monitor and test to ensure they are all the same. However everything will have the tolerance due to the material tenacity, so you will find a little difference in alignment of the jug or between different jugs, this is because of the material tenacity, but we will try to control the tolerance within 1-2mm in mass production. We will ensure again by our control inspector before packing to QC that JIBBIJUG products have met our criteria and try to investigate and control the *tolerance within 1-2mm.


We are also well aware that every customer has different ideas and methods for checking the alignment of the milk jug. However at JIBBIJUG we use Paper Metric Scale method to measure and QC the jug as the number in the scale will indicate the tolerance in metric units. At our factory, we are using this method to find the MID point of the JUG to place the handle right in the Center.



  • We believe this Paper Metric Scale is the best way to check as we use the number for measure and don’t judge by appearance using eyesight or X & Y Scale without numbers, as it may create an incorrect assumption in some way.

  • At the warehouse, when it comes to checking the product before shipping, we will do double quality control inspection to prevent defects in your goods. We promise to send out only the jugs that pass the 2nd QC, and the inspectors will discard any jugs that do not meet our company standards (*tolerance within 0.01- 2 mm), including material, coloring and etc.

Handle laser

  • All our laser Handle will have 1-2mm tolerance , The handle made using a laser beam to weld metals in by fix one side first and then laser the other side after , so that assembly technique allows some tolerance between two sides of the handle.

  • All our jugs have been produced with the utmost care and attention. We are heavily involved in the production process and quality control. Some of our customers may have commented that the handle placement is not identical from jug to jug. Our manufacturer has informed us that there may be a difference or a tolerance of between 1mm-2mm jug to jug based on the laser process used to affix the handle to the jug. This in no way affects the pouring or the pouring technique.

Factory Material Marks. (scratches in side the jug)


  • Whilst all care is taken to ensure that every milk pitcher is produced to precise standards, we can not in any way guarantee any blemishes (Material mark  inside of the milk pitcher) with respect to internal polishing of the milk pitcher itself.

  • As promised, the Jibbi jug milk pitcher is designed to assist on the pouring of milk and latte art patterns, and any minor blemish (marks) caused by standard polishing does not in any way affect the intended purpose.

  • Understandably you may have concerns that Scratches/Laser mark might in someway cause contamination, but we are confident that such scratches/laser marks are merely cosmetic and in no way toxic.


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