NEW 20g COFFEE IN.. Now we are selling our Gesha @ninetypluscoffee in 20g Coffee Freeze Package. This coffee is fresh roasted within 1-7 days and has never been frozen. 

We offer this in a sustainable package that you can reuse to convenience store your coffee at home. 
Tip to store coffee in this Tube. ☝️Dose as much as possible to make sure have little oxegen left (about 20-22g) 

Tasting Notes:
Ripe pineapple, Strawberry, Chocolate 

The Carmo taste profile was first manifested in 2017 in the famous Ninety Plus Batch #227, which broke both producer pricing world records ($5001.50/kg at public international auction) and was used to win the 2017 World Brewer’s Cup Championship in Budapest.

This coffee, initially an accident in production, was successfully replicated twice in 2018 by Ninety Plus in tiny experiments, one (Founder’s Selection) was used to win the 2019 World Brewer’s Cup Championship.

Carmo in Coffee Tube