ASSASSIN (380ML) is a TEFLON Handle-free milk jug with a Heat resistant silicon, milk jug that will blow your mind away as the jug has a super light weight.

  • The spout is sharp but not too pointy compared to other series, which allows you to pour all high definition designs with ease.
  • The sharp spout with round V shape tip, is designed to create rounded leaf tip.
  • Ideal for Ultra fine Latte art, and Frothing milk.
  • Ultra Light weight including the silicone sleeve at 150g
  • Free: Blue silicon Available in 2 colors: Blue Teflon & Black Teflon Color Coating



  • Teflon Coating is applied to both external, and internal surfaces of the jug, to provide a non-stick surface to the entire jug, this teflon is not last longing as it can have a scratches after being touched by otyher materials.


Please read carefully as we do not offer any refunds under the conditions mentioned below. We check all the jugs before posting them to you.

  • All stainless steel production will have a slight tolerance and variance occur from jug to jug or in any parts of the jug due to their natural tenacity. We cceptable variations of handle alignment with a tolerance range of 1-2mm in Production by monitor and test to ensure there are the same within the acceptable level of tolerance. This is no way affects the pouring or the pouring technique. 

  • In the process unfortunately at times of Polishing or Coating, the metal might come into contact with another object that slightly scratches the metal outer and internal surface of the jug. Whilst all care is taken in looking at each jug, there can be no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a surface with no scratches.


Read before you buy

  • Please have a read of our information such as Our QC, Alignment (1-2mm tolerance), Color coating, Refund, Return Policies before you buy. Please click and read all bullets on the right. By ordering JIBBIJUG you agree and acknowledge these terms and conditions.



Assassin Color
Silicone Free: Blue
    • Size 380ml Capacity.
    • Pointed Eagle Spout with narrow opening
    • Approx. 7 cm diameter, 9.5 cm height.
    • High Quality Stainless Steel Grade 304
    • 0.7 mm Thickness.
    • Weight 155g.
    • TEFLON Handle -free
    • Maker - JIBBILITTLE.