ASSASSIN (380ML) is a TEFLON Handle-free milk jug with BLUE Heat resistant silicon. The spout is sharp but not too pointy compared to other series, which allows you to pour all high definition designs with ease.

    • The sharp spout with round V shape tip, is designed to create rounded leaf tip. Ideal for Ultra fine Latte art, and Frothing milk.
    • Ultra Light weight including the silicone sleeve at 155g



    JIBBI's Notes

    • Since the spout has a unique V-Shaped design a different handling is needed. On a Tulip pour, loop-side happens because the spout is not close enough. Please pour it closer almost touching the surface.
    • Enjoy your Jibbi Jug for years to come we promise our product is fault free. Once familiarise with the jug, you will notice that you have mastered a very useful skill.


      • Size 400ml Capacity.
      • Spout 2.5 * 1.7 cm
      • Pointed Eagle Spout with Narrow opening
      • Approx. 6.8 cm  Top x 8 cm Bottom diameter and 9.5 cm Height.
      • High Quality Stainless Steel Grade 304
      • 0.8 mm Thickness.
      • Weight 180g.
      • Handle-free
      • Maker - JIBBILITTLE.   
    • Color Coating with Wash & Care

      WHAT IS  Teflon Coating?
      A non-stick surface is a surface engineered to reduce the ability of other materials to stick to it. Better-quality coatings are more durable, and less likely to peel and flake, and keep their non-stick properties for longer.

      • Today, many consumers safely and happily use metal utensils on nonstick coatings with no issues. The problem is when there is an expectation about “perfection”, because all coatings will eventually fail over a month or years. Modern coatings can be used with light scraping of metal tools with very little degradation.

      WASH & CARE!

      • Not dishwasher proof,
      • Hand wash only.
      • Not chemical resistance and color retention.

      Electroplating so the color will be last longer, however some series are coated by other methods like Teflon or Painting (Classic), so we love to recommend the users using hand washing with delicate care to keep the color last as long as possible.  Do not soak in Chemical, the color will get abrasion.

    • Refund, Return, Exchange, Credit note

      Refund & Returns Policy

      • We do not refund for Change of mind or Sale items or Free items or Item was used.

      • We do not refund for Crooked spout or Alignment issues that create by own assumption, rather than our "Paper metric scale" for QC.