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The "Classic" 600ml has a designed spout that is not super pointy like our Musketeer line but combines pointy and rounded features. With this amazing jug in hand, you will pour with style and make your customers smile.

  • This jug features high-quality, lightweight construction with a beautiful finish.
  • The rigorously tested spout pours sharp, precise lines and stream designs with ease.



  • The spout shape is optimized to make basic patterns easier and more intuitive to execute.
  • The jug weighs only 200g, despite its thickness of 0.7mm, providing better control, even for beginners.



  • This jug handle is not laser welded; rather, it was made using an old heat method


JIBBI's Note

  • When pouring into a cup that has a capacity of 300ml or more, apply more pressure when pouring to ensure you add enough weight to make the jug heavier.


Please take note that refunds or exchanges are not offered under the following conditions.

  • Prior to shipment, all jugs are inspected. Please be aware that there may be small, but acceptable, variations in spouts left vs right, handle and body due to natural tenacity.
  • Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm that meets an acceptable level of tolerance, but this does not affect the pouring or pouring technique

  • Welding marks may be visible on the handle's inside from Laser welding, but it is not a defect and will not rust.
  • During the polishing or coating process, the metal may come into contact with another object, causing minor scratches to the exterior and interior surfaces of the jug. While we strive to ensure that each jug is carefully inspected, there is no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a scratch-free surface, as indicated in our reference photos.
  • By agreeing to purchase a colour-coated jug, you acknowledge that the aforementioned conditions are not defects but rather part of the production process, including minor scratches and factory marks on both the exterior and interior surfaces. Keep in mind that anything plated will naturally tarnish over time and with wear.


Read Before You Buy

  • Please read our policies before making a purchase, including our QC, Alignment and Color Coating, Return and Refund, and No Change of Mind policies. By ordering JIBBIJUG, you agree to and acknowledge all of these terms and conditions.
  • Please choose your items carefully as refunds will not be provided if you have simply changed your mind, made an incorrect selection, or found the goods cheaper elsewhere.
  • Once you have received your item(s), please thoroughly check the quality before first use. For any problems that are not already mentioned above, please report to us immediately with an Unboxing video or photo recording of the moment when a certain product is opened.
  • We do not offer any warranty for colour coating after being used since any coating will eventually peel, fade, and discolour. (Please see our cleaning instructions to prolong the life of the jug)
  • We offer a replacement for major colour coating issues or defects that not mention above before use. Any signs of used jugs will void our Return policies.


Classic: Rosegold
  • Features

    • Electroplating Coat outside only
    • 0.7mm stainless steel construction.
    • Colours Titanium does fades or scratches over time
    • Hand wash only.
    • Shiny Gloss or Matted Sandy finish for Classic
    • Weight Classic 200g (Light weight)




    • Size 600ml
    • Idea for Latte and frothing milk for 2 cups.
    • Narrow spout 3 (L)*1.5 (H).
    • This spout is focus on finer lines.
    • Approx. 9 cm diameter, 11 cm height.
    • High Quality Stainless Steel Grade 304.
    • Mirror finished stainless steel (0.7 mm thickness).
    • Weight 210g.
    • Maker - JIBBILITTLE.


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