Double dose Membership
  • Double dose Membership

    $35 including shipping



    Specially curated single origin beans each month:

    • Our coffee club membership is about discovery; JIBBI will send to you the beans she’s loving at the moment. It might be an exciting new arrival, a unique micro-lot or an exclusive coffee that won't appear on our site.
    • An eclectic and inspirational delivery of flavours is guaranteed to arrive at your door or office ready for brewing each month.
    • This is for subscribers within Australia only
    • Payments are processed on the 1st of each month; coffee shipped between the 3rd - 10th.
    • Subscription cancellations can be made via email after the second delivery


    How do you brew? Tell us how you brew and we can send you whole beans or grind it especially for you.  

    • Whole / Espresso Brew are best for customers who would like Whole Beans and intend to brew their coffee using an espresso machine or like more body in their coffee (can be used for french press, drip coffee etc.)
    • Whole / Filter Brew are better for customers who like Whole Beans and enjoy light and sweet flavours. Not recommended if you intend to use in an espresso machine.
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