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150g/ bag


This is amazing Gesha coffee from Central American that i have really enjoyed this year.


Tasting Notes: Lemongrass tea aroma, purple grape, chocolate



Country: El Salvador

Region:  El Manzano

Process: Natural Sundried 

Varites: - Gesha Varietal

Altitude: 1400masl


Recommended brewing methods: Origami, V60, Aeropress, Clever Dripper


Brewing Recipe

  • Grind size: Course grounds (30 click CMD)
  • Dose: 15g Water: 250g  Temp(93C)
    • 0.00 Pour 40g of water
    • 0.30 pour another 70g slowly
    • 1.00 pour 70g
    • 1.30 pour 70 g

2.30 mins  TBT



Farm Story:

  • Finca El Manzano is not your typical coffee farm. All the coffee trees are happy and healthy, grown in full sun instead of under shade-trees which defies the current agronomical conventions. The coffee processing at the mill is fully automated and runs like clockwork into the night; an orchestra playing in unison, never missing a beat. The operation is run by Emilio Lopez, former Cup of Excellence 1st and 2nd place winner for 2018.
  • The quality of this coffee is a credit the meticulous systems established by Emilio at Finca El Manzano
  • The El Manzano farm is a reference in terms of quality coffees from El Salvador and was established in 1872 by Cornelio Lemus. Currently Emilio Lopez, sixth generation is the one that runs the reins of the farm and whose passion and knowledge has led El Manzano to be recognised internationally as one of the best farms in El Salvador

El Salvador - El Manzano - Natural Gesha

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