200g/ Bag (Micro-lot Coffee ; Costa Rica Altos del Abejonal Finca Divino Niño Natural)


Country: Costarica 

Region: Tarrazú

Micro-Region: San Pablo de León Cortés

Micro-Mill: Altos de Abejonal

Producer: Mauricio Vindas Farm: Divino Nino

Altitude: 1850 masl

Process:  Natural 

Varieties: Caturra


Tasting Notes :  Blueberry, cocoa, raisin, black cherry acidity.


Brewing Recipe

  • Grind size: Course grounds (30 click CMD)
  • Dose: 15g Water: 250g  Temp(93C)
    • 0.00 Pour 40g of water
    • 0.30 pour another 70g slowly
    • 1.00 pour 70g
    • 1.30 pour 70 g

2.30 mins  TBT


The Story! 

Divino Niño is well known to roasters of Costa Rica’s best coffees, thanks to the farm’s high-altitude up to 1,900 msl in the Tarrazu region. The Delicias creek and the Pirrís river form major portions of the western and southern boundary, and the Tarrazú river establishes the northern and eastern limits of the canton, providing the hub to an area famous for its high quality coffee production. The volcanic soil and afternoon cloud cover in the region provides the perfect conditions for Mauricio to produce excellent coffees at Altos.

This harvest we bring you Catuai – Catuai is a high yielding coffee plant resulting from a cross between Mundo Novo and Caturra. The plant is relatively short, and the lateral branches form close angles with the primary branches. The fruit does not fall off the branch easily, which is favorable with areas with strong winds or rainy.

Costa Rica - Divino Nino Altos del Abejonal Natural