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Nuguo Fermented 88F is a mix of natural fermented geisha coffee beans designed aiming to maximize the quality and uniqueness of the cup.

  • 50g a Tin , about 4 serves at 12.5g


Nuguo Geisha Fermented 88F, the next in our series of Limited Release Rare Tin Collection, Limited stock!! grab it now Dispatch this Friday


JIbbilittle RoastingCo proud to announce the release of this 88F Lot, we have direct contacted to with José Gallardo to get the most finest coffee to Celebrate at the end of 2021.


Brewing Recipe

  • Grind size: Medium grounds (26-28 click CMD)
  • Dose: 12.5g Water: 200g  Temp(92C)
    • 0.00 Pour 40g of water
    • 0.30 pour another 60g slowly
    • 1.05 pour 60g
    • 1.40 pour 40 g

2.00 mins  

See Video Click 


The 88F Lot Story

  • A complex and aromatic Gesha lot 88F from Finca Nuguo is selected and produced by José Gallardo and located in Jurutungo, Renacimiento district, Panamá, in the surroundings of La Amistad International park.
  • The farmers take thorough care of the coffee plants, especially of its nutrition, till the harvest time. They pick only perfectly ripe coffee cherries, which are floated and separated in micro lots by day and location, to guarantee the highest quality and intensity of flavor Nuguo Fermented 88F is a mix of José Gallardo best fermented-cherry dried coffees. Average altitude of selected lots is 1850 masl.
  • The lots included in Nuguo Fermented 88F were harvested ripe, After picking, ripe cherries are floated to eliminate low density cherries, then fermentation occurred. The process of each lot is unique, in average the process is as follows: whole cherries are placed into plastic tanks with lid (not sealed tight), in which fermentation takes place for 4.5 days at 30 Celsius , whole cherries are dried during 2 months in a controlled environment room with relative humidity of 60% and temperatures starting at 30 Celsius until it reach 16% moisture, then dry at 55% relative humidity at 24 Celsiusa, resting at 24 Celsius, then coffee is hulled and sorted by hand, then cupped. After drying the cupping is conducted to choose the best lots that score above 88 for JIBBILITTLE ROSTING CO.
  • So 88F is simply mean a lot that mixed of fermented Coffee from several harverst that score above 88 points to get more complex and uniques flavours. This concept is "Nuguo concept" , first start in 2020 to get 93.25 score in BOP, it is a mix of Nuguo best fermented-cherry dried coffees.
  • In 2021, Nuguo Fermented is a mix of natural fermented geisha coffee beans, The mix proportions were chosen through an iterative process, using results from cupping sessions as input to propose new proportions, and cup again until a local maximum of quality was achieved. Finally, With 94.75 points, Nuguo Fermented took first place in the Geisha Natural categor with the BEST OF PANAMA 2021, and sold for $2,568 a pound About the farm Coffee has been produced by the Gallardo family at Finca Nuguo since the 1960s, though they traditionally only grew Typica, Caturra, and Catuai varieties at low elevations.


About coffee

  • Origin: Panama
  • Region: Finca Nuguo
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Altitude: 1,850m – 1,950m
  • Process: Mixed Natural
  • Roasting Level: Light roast
  • Tasting Notes: Floral, Rose, Lilac, Kyoho grapes, Longan, Melon, Pineapple


Coffee Story and the farm

  • In 2006, when José Gallardo began managing the farm, he saw the huge potential of the newly discovered Gesha variety which had been presented for the first time at the Best of Panama competition just 2 years earlier. José would take a brave leap by growing Gesha exclusively at much higher elevations, separating cultivars into five growing areas, each with a unique microclimate.
  • Over the next decade his vision and innovative approach transformed Finca Nuguo, into an award-winning farm and one of the largest coffee producers in Panama. They would go on to make their own appearances at the Best of Panama competition, taking the crown in 2015 and 2016, and placing consistently in the top five in following years.
  • Nuguo special coffee has been awarded at the Best Of Panama in 2015 version, with the 1st place in the Exotic Washed category, and in the 2016 version, with the 1st place in the Innovation category, 2nd place in the Exotic Washed category and the 2nd place in the Exotic Natural category. Their coffee has also featured in many barista championships over the years, appearing in winning routines consecutively from 2016-2017 in the USA, New Zealand, and the Philippines.
  • In 2021, Finca Nuguo sold for $2,568 a pound in the international auction of the “Best of Panama”, almost doubling the previous record of $1,300 set last year. In the recent tasting international judges, Nuguo Fermented coffee reached a score of 94.75 on a base of 100 points and they described it as a “coffee with fun flavors, where the sweetness of the cherry is mixed with the acidity of tropical fruits.
  • Today, Finca Nuguo continues to produce outstanding Gesha lots time and time again, presenting beautiful examples of what makes this variety so very special.



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