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60g (4 serve x15g)

GESHA CLOUD... This one of the blend combinations "DAO" 2nd NSW Brewer cup 2022 selected to blend with Sudan Rume to be a best perfect match.


Gesha Varietal with an Anaerobic Natural Process from Colombia. Gesha is the exceptional quality of floral and sweetness, with an natural Anaerobic Process it will enhance more body and sweetness of this Varietal


Lighter roast profiles resulted in a highly floral and tropical cup.


Tasting Notes : Rose, Lemongrass, Mandarine, Raspberry, Tropical Fruit

Process: Anaerobic Extended fermentation

Varietal: Gesha

Package : Pink Modern Air tight tin 60g (Filter) 4serves at 15g each


Brewing Notes

The fragrance and aromas are extremely complex. It was sweet with layering notes of fruit, berries, Violet floral and various tropical fruit notes that dominated during brewing. The flavor was incredibly delicious with lots of the same elements as the aroma. I tasted notes most prominently of sweet mandarine (citrus) and tropical fruit, but there were so many layered flavour attributes I tasted. The coffee was balanced with a velvety body. The fruity sweetness was dominant throughout and lingered long into the finish.

It is a very rare coffee bean because it requires a suitable cultivation environment and high technology of the producer, it is difficult to cultivate, and the yield is small. By performing this time-consuming anaerobic fermentation, a unique flavour is brought out.

It is a creamy, well-balanced, full-bodied coffee with a citrus flavour and sweetness like candied orange, as well as a richness like cacao and chocolate.


Forest Coffee Story

JIBBI's sourced this micro-lot coffee through Forest coffee who worked together with Milton to achieve a unique profile for our competitions series, which came out to be so good we decided together to call it Gesha Clouds because this coffee is really touching the sky.

This Coffee was processed by a natural anaerobic fermentation separated in tanks of 60 kg, where Milton has seen better results for his Gesha, it lasted almost 84 hours, with a special movement every 12 hours to have a more homogeneous fermentation.

After finishing, he left the cherries to drain for 6 hours, and after it's taken for the first step of mechanical dryers for 6 to 8 hours just to remove the first layer of moisture and avoid unwanted over-fermented flavours.

Then, the coffee is taken for an extended drying in 1 specific raised bed in his marquee which has an optimal average temperature of 18 to 31-celsius degrees, and it lasted from 24 days to 32 days the longest and is finished with a stall of 5 days in a dark room, and then taken to finish the drying in a special small silo of just 125 kg, where he can assure the perfect moisture and finished the process with stabilization of 45 days in grain pro bags before milling the coffee.


Coffee Producer's Story

This coffee was developed by Milton Monroy, in his farm San Cayetano, which is one of the most famous farms in the region of San Juan de la China, because of his unique and impeccable farming practices. Milton, began in coffee a long time ago next to his father, with the production of traditional coffees like Castillo and Caturra`s, where they learned all about the coffee crops.

After several years, they began to hear and see about this amazing variety Gesha, which they were automatically amazed after cupping this variety for the first time, and decided to go ahead and plant almost 25% of their farm with it! As Milton says, it's been the best decision they`ve taken after starting in coffee. Not only they have mastered this processing of their Gesha, but also have become the current finalist of the COE by several years in Colombia.


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