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The Karate Jug 500ml is perfect for café use, available in a steel finish. It efficiently fills 12oz TA cups, minimizing milk waste. Its versatile design accommodates various cup sizes, eliminating the need for multiple jugs. Additionally, its sharp, round, and short spout enables precise pouring close to the surface, making it ideal for practicing advanced latte art techniques such as drawing small leaves.

This version maintains clarity while highlighting the jug’s features and benefits for café settings, including its suitability for latte art practice.


• Versatile Design: Accommodates all cup sizes, eliminating the need for multiple jugs.

•Precision Spout: Features a sharp, round, and short spout for precise pouring close to the surface, ideal for advanced drawing techniques.

•Efficiency: Compared to a 600ml jug, it minimizes milk waste and suits larger 12oz takeaway cups.

•Perfect Steaming: Ideal for steaming milk to fit 300-320ml cup sizes.

•Space-Saving: Its height is designed to fit neatly under the coffee machine counter for a tidy appearance.

•Ergonomic Handle: Features a small handle for improved pouring control, allowing closer proximity to the jug’s body.


JIBBI’s Notes:

The Karate Jug stands out from other series with its plump, straight body design, which differs from tapered styles. For optimal milk streaming, tilt the jug more to create a whirlpool and vortex effect that enhances milk texture.


Quality Assurance:

•All jugs are inspected prior to shipment. Small variations in spouts, handles, and bodies due to production tolerances are normal.

•Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm, which does not impact pouring technique.

•Laser welding marks inside the handle are not defects and will not lead to rust.

•Minor scratches may occur due to the lightweight design (0.8mm thickness) intended for latte art. While we thoroughly inspect each jug, they may not be entirely scratch-free due to this thickness.

Read Before You Buy:

•Review our quality control, alignment, color coating, return/refund policies before placing your order. By proceeding, you agree to these terms.

•Inspect the item’s quality before first use. Report any issues within 3 days of receipt, along with the order number and unboxing proof.

•No refunds for change of mind, incorrect selections, or used items.

•Color coating may peel, fade, or discolor over time. Contact us within 3 days for major coating issues or defects not mentioned before use.

•Signs of use invalidate return policies.


  • Please choose carefully, as we do not offer refunds on purchases made unless the product is faulty.

    • We check all jugs with a tolerance of 1-2mm and pass them through QC before posting them to you. If you receive a jug and are not 100% happy with it, please contact us immediately, and we will do our best to resolve the problem.
    • Our policy does not allow for changes of mind. However, if you wish to exchange or return an unused product, it will be at your own expense. Please email or call us to notify us of your intention, and we will send you all relevant information via email. Please note that customers are required to send the jug back to us and need to pay a return postage cost of $15 for standard postage back to you..
    • We will happily exchange or provide a credit note for items that are returned complete and unused in their original packaging (to ensure protection while in transit). Items must be returned to us within 14 days of the invoice date and must include the original sales receipt.

    Not faulty or defective. No refunds for the following matters.

    • The factory material marks, such as scratches or small dents, are merely cosmetic from the polishing process and will not affect the jug's use or be toxic.
    • Heat marks may appear during the laser process used to join the handle and body together with high heat.
    • Color marks, such as light haze or fine scratches or soft spots, may occur during the color coating process.
    • There may be a tolerance of about 1-2mm in the alignment of the spout, handle, and other parts of the jug, as all stainless steel has its material tenacity.
    • Quality control is measured using the paper matrix scale, and measurements should not be taken with the naked eye or a ruler. The Teflon coating may peel off or scratch as a result of use, or interactions with other utensils or heat.
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