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Grown an Ethipian coffee in Colombia Terrior! 

  • As you grind this coffee, you will notice aromas of sweet floral and hazelnut will be released and then be transformed into sweet mandarine as you start to brew.
  • On the first sip, you may find flavors of mandarin orange and dried blueberries but as the coffee starts to cool  with coating mouthfeel. 


Flavours Notes:

Orangge Blossom, Sweet Mandarine and melon. Smooth texture with floral finished. 


Character:  Floral and Mandarine acidity. Sweet and clean.


Coffee Information

Farm: Santuario – 2000 Meters

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural, extended double fermentation, carbonic maceration (CM). Solar aerobic slow dry (SASD) on raised beds.



Coffee Story

  • In the shadow of Mount Tatamá, in the department of Risaralda, our farm benefits from the rich black volcanic soil nourishing this small plot of Ethiopian variety that’s been flourishing. This variety was rescued from a research center and planted with anticipation that it would thrive at high altitudes, cooler temperatures and a unique microclimate. That it did. It has been a top favorite among competitors worldwide.


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