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We are thrilled to announce the availability of a limited edition and rare double-washed processing coffee from Mikava. This coffee is only available for a short time, and we invite you to pre-order now to secure your bag of the freshest and most flavorful coffee.


The double-washed processing method used by Mikava is a rigorous process that starts with hand-picking and selecting only the ripest cherries. This results in a high sugar content that aids in the allowable fermentation time, which further improves the flavour of the coffee.


During this process, we take whole coffee cherries and ferment them for 32 hours. We then take the seeds from those cherries and complete an additional 24 hours of fermentation indoors in a low-temperature environment.


Once the fermentation process is complete, we dry the seeds on raised beds until they reach 11% humidity.




We highly recommend pre-ordering this rare double Cm coffee from Mikava, as it will not be available for long. Our team will ensure that you get your bag of coffee as soon as it is ready.


To pre-order, simply place an order, We will dispatch from 6th June onward. 




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