The ORIGINAL : Best all-rounder(380ML) has factored all scenarios and makes it possible to pour all types of designs: from fine lines, to symmetrical tulips, to dainty swans, and so much more.

  • This is Cheap entry level range so each jug will be differenced to other jugs when you comapred as it has it own tolerance.
  • This jugs may not be perfect in alignement as the spout and handle are made by hand.
  • We introduced this jug only good for Milk Frothing usage so that the alighment will not be a big issues. We will not provide refund or returns in respect thereof.
  • Pro :
    • Cheap & Popular Best designed for Latte art
    • The Best for Frothing milk (Approx. 6.5cm diameter, 9.5 cm height)
    • Thin material, so it is easy to modify the spout (this jug is modified and used by Manuela WLC 2019 in her Machiato Set)
    • Best to pour 2 cups for Machiato.
    • Light weight for Entry level
    • JIBBILITTLE's LOGO at the Bottom
  • Cons :
    • Stainless Steel 202 grade , so the extrior can look Dull with Minor Scracthes on the Surface
    • All spouts in each jug will come in slightly different in shape, not perfect in alignemnt  as spout and handle are assembled by hand
    • No replacement or refund for the Surface Smoothness or quality issues unless it is broken or chipped.

Looking for Top range? For a bright or Smooth finished with perfect alignment, please choose out our high range series coated with electroplating by 304 Stainless Steel grade.


    • Idea for Latte art and Frothing milk.
    • Pouring spout designed for great Latte art results.
    • Best weight construction for Latteart.
    • JIBBILITTLE's LOGO at the Bottom.
    • This Jug is an entry level, it won't Rust or Stain. Durable Sturdy and will Last Longer than Plastic and Glass.
    • It made of Stainless Steel 202 grade, it come with slightly minor scratches on surface like stainless look, so there is no replacement or refund for the finish unless it is broken or chipped.
    • If you are looking for more precious look, pls choose other series with electroplating coating and it also made of 304 Stainless Steel Grade.




    • Size 380ml Capacity.
    • Rounded spout with perfect angle to cover all styles of Latte art.
    • Approx. 6.5cm diameter, 9.5 cm height.
    • High Quality Stainless Steel Grade 202.
    • Mirror finished stainless steel, 07 mm Thickness.
    • Weight 140g.
    • Maker - JIBBILITTLE.