Ruby- Gesha Ninety plus
  • Ruby- Gesha Ninety plus

    50g Gesha Ruby , Ruby is the most intense coffee in the Ninety Plus menu.


    Aroma: Lavender on dry, Violet on the break with intense umami and chooclate. 

    Tasting Notes: Violet, dark chocolate, musk, candied grapefruit



    About the coffee

    • RubyRuby was first developed by Ninety Plus by accident in a processing experiment gone wrong in Ethiopia in 2015. The coffee processed yielded a high count of exceptionally red seeds, which, when tasted separately had an incredible red wine and red fruit intensity.We repeated the process in Panama, and a resulting batch called Perci Red scored 97 points on Coffee Review.
    • When World Champion George Koustoumpardis joined Ninety Plus in 2015, Joseph invited George to work with him to take this process to a different level, and Ruby was born. The Ruby name is derived from the uniform and deep burgundy color of the unroasted coffee seeds.
    • Ruby is enjoyed in honor of George and his wife, Konstantina, who have lived and worked as core members of the Ninety Plus Estates team in Panama since 2017.