The KENDO Steel = A sharp triangle spout and shorter tip.


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  • 0.7 mm milk pitcher is lighter than it’s Kendo 0.8 counterpart.
  • Weighing at approximately 155g, it is best suited for latte art designs that require a Lifting pattern where you to raise your hand to create complex patterns.
  • The lighter weight also helps baristas and latte artists to create newly invented patterns with fine definitions.
  • The Kendo 0.7 is recommended for Beginners and experienced baristas/latte artists who prefer a lighter milk pitchers or who struggle using heavier ones Beginners and experienced baristas/latte artists that want to improve their latte art techniques.-Basic, complex, pushing and lifting patterns.
  • Idea for a Female Barista or Asian that have quite a small hand that best suit with small handle.



  • The kendo spout is specifically designed to be short, and protruded (Hanging tip). We have been asked if this is a design defect but can assure customers that it is designed this way for pouring efficiency. Pls see close up photo for your reference.