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We are thrilled to be offering this limited crop and rare varities to you in exclusive 80g Tins,


Aromas of cherry, berry jam, and honeysuckle introduce this complex and layered coffee. The round body carries flavors of apricot acidity complementing a gingers undertone throughout with a hint of cacao—completes with lingering mint finishes.


Cup Profile

Fragrance and aroma: Floral, Cherry, Blueberry, Vanilla, Apricot, Red fruits, Mint and Milk Chocolate.

Taste and aftertaste: Blueberry, Raspberry, Mint, Spicy, Brown sugar, Honeysuckle, Gingers, Tartaric acidity, and Syrupy body.



This coffee is crazy! Are you ready for a truly unique and exceptional experience? The perfumy intensity of this coffee make this coffee a truly one-of-a-kind coffee experience. We highly recommend grabbing an exclusive Tin today while supplies last. A true and rare, hidden gem.


Sudan Rume is an extremely unique cultivar and a legendary coffee variety originating from the Boma Plateau, Sudan. The harvest is incredibly small, this coffee is a classic case of quality over quantity. Because this coffee varietal is very low yielding with wonderful taste profile.


About The Coffee

Producer: Rigoberto Herrera

Farm: Las Margaritas, Café Granja La Esperanza

Region: Valle del CaucaAltitude: 1,570-1,850 masl

Varietal: Sudan RumeProcess: Natural


Sudan Rume is an exceptionally rare coffee with a beautiful flavor profile. As its name suggests, the varietal was discovered in the country of Sudan near its border with Ethiopia. It's a naturally-occurring varietal from the Bourbon family, bursting with red fruit and floral flavors, but very low-yielding. Due to the tree’s low yield, Sudan Rume has mainly been used for breeding, creating hybrid trees that produce more fruit with some of its prized flavor characteristics.

Recently, farms in the specialty coffee world have begun to allot some of their farmland to Sudan Rume trees. As the harvest is incredibly small, this coffee is a classic case of quality over quantity.



In 2012, Café Granja La Esperanza achieved a “Triple Crown,” landing in 2nd, 3rd, and 7th place in the SCAA’s Coffees of the Year competition. We've been proud to partner with a producer who values experimentation with rare and difficult varieties—the resultsof the falvours have been worth it!



All coffees are hand-picked at peak ripeness and pre-fermented in-cherry for 8 hours.

The parchment is sun-dried on African raised beds until it reaches a moisture content level of 11%, then stored in Grain Pro bags.

Every coffee lot is sampled and cupped by the Quality Control Lab at Granja La Esperanza before being sent to the dry mill.

Five farms now make up the Café Granja La Esperanza: Cerro Azul, Las Margaritas, La Esperanza, Potosi and Hawaii. With a reputation for producing competition winning coffees, processes are matched with varieties to produce unique flavour profiles.

The Las Margaritas farm, known to the workers as the ‘garden of varieties’, has built a reputation as for competition winning coffees due to the varied and unusual varieties grown.

Sudan Rume is an unusual varietal exhibiting unusual mentholated characteristics in the cup with fresh ginger strongly at the fore. No wonder this has been used to win national brewers competition.

Sudan Rume is a landrace varietal, originally noted in 1942 in the Sudanese highlands.

SUDAN RUME NATURAL -Cafe Granja Lasesperanza

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