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Here is the best Ethiopian coffee from the renowned Bensa region! Tamiru emerged victorious by securing both the first and fifth positions in COE competition in 2021. This lot is from the identical location that yielded the COE's first-place-winning lot.

  • Our beans are sourced from the exact plot that produced the COE1st place winning the lot, making it a truly exceptional coffee experience. Don't miss out on the chance to savour the best that Bensa has to offer - order yours now! The quantity available is 75g.



  • Immerse yourself in the delectable taste of juicy mangoes, and lively notes of mixed berries and melons. Indulge in the intricately layered sweetness of Concord grape and Earl Grey tea, perfectly combined to create a heavenly taste experience.
  • This lot boasts a beautifully perfumed aroma and a flavorful representation of its terroir. Don't miss out on trying the Flavour


Coffee Information

Origin: Ethiopia

Location: Sidamo, Southern Nations, Ethiopia 

Farmer: Tamiru Tadesse

Region : Sidama, Bensa

Producer :  Tamiru Tadesse Tesema

Variety: 74158

Altitude: 2100- 2300masl

Processing: Natural

Crop year: 2022



About the Producer

  • Tamiru Tadesse is a coffee supplier who has been in the coffee business for the last eight years. He works with about 200 farmers in Delo Kebele, Bensa zone of the Sidama region. He collects about 182,000 kilograms of red cherry from an estimated 80 hectares of land owned by the farmers. Tamiru processes anaerobic and natural coffee which is dried on a raised bed with mesh wire. He then sells his coffee on the international market, mostly in China. However, he says, he was interested to have new market destinations and promote the unique flavours of Bensa coffee.
  • “We participated in the Cup of Excellence 2021 to promote the coffee our farmers grow, establish better market linkage, and improve the farmers’ income”.


Tamiru Tadesse Ethiopia Nat 75g

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