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Typica mejorada washed special Process TYOXY crop 2023


  • We are so thrilled to roast and present this coffee for the first time, It is a Typica Variety that is very floral Clean and Sweet. You can expect an Orange blossom, Blood orange, Red grape, and Honeysuckle with a Velvet body.

  • We love the fact that he manages a farm as a Terroir based, Ecology based and Socially fair based. This makes the coffee even more valuable, we love to empower growers and drive sustainability by creating an environment where we all respect each other in the supply chain.


Coffee Information

Lot : 2023

Varietal :Typica mejorado

Process : Double fermemntaion washed

  • Open Tank Cherry Oxidation Two days
  • Dry Depulp mechanically and two days anaeróbic tank with mucilage, Then washed with water softly
  • Later, Drying two day at the shade and  went to very slow partial shaded, night dehumidifier


Procucer Story

  • José “pepe” jijon was born 1974 in Brazil , his father was an Ecuador diplomat in Brazil.
  • He love to to travel around the world, toatal of  120 countries in his  life as an explorer. 
  • He was a Solo expeditionary, and a first Latin to solo climb the highest mountain of every continental mass (seven summits solo)
  • He Started finca Soledad from scratch in 2010 with one of the first ever Typica mejorado and Sydra cultivar lots in north Ecuador ( Imbabura province )
  • He replanted the farm with shade 25.000 trees and an equal amount of coffee plants
  • It’s a very small artisan family ran enterprise .


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