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The Steel Big Boy JUG version of Warrior X Men is specifically designed for male or big-handed baristas.

  • The Warrior X-Men is a mutant with the body of a Magician and the spout of a Warrior.
  • It is recommended for beginners to practice with a Rosetta pattern on this model, as beginners can experience difficulty with the loop side or tipping the tulip incorrectly due to holding the jug incorrectly, causing the pour to be off-center.

  • Perfect for Wing tulips and Slowsetta patterns



  • It fits 3-10 oz cups, but can also fit 12 oz cups with an Espresso shot.
  • Its weight of 180g and a thickness of 0.8mm, making it perfect for all basic patterns that require the pushing technique.
  • The medium weight helps set the pattern down easily and push through thick crema.
    • Although advanced patterns, dark roasts, thick crema and gassy coffee drawings are possible, it is recommended to use 8-10 oz cups.
  • The UNISEX Laser Welded Handle adds versatility, while the 6.5cm top diameter and 10cm height provide ample space for your latte art creations."



  • Suitable for all beginners who have not yet mastered pouring close to the surface.
  • The wide and extra-long pointed spout aids in reaching the surface more easily.


Jibbi's note

  • You may have assumed the spout or handle of the jug is misaligned or asymmetrical, causing an uneven pour. Nevertheless, this jug is produced with an acceptable tolerance, which does not affect off-centered pours. The sharp, pointed spout is intentionally shaped like an eagle's beak and is designed to create clean, defined lines and bold contrasts. 
  • Compared to pitchers with larger, rounded spouts,  this design requires a steady hand and precise movements as the pointy design leaves little room for error, particularly when attempting tulip pours. While using this jug may be challenging initially, practice will undoubtedly improve your skills. I would advise against blaming the tool before examining other factors.
  • During a tulip pour, beginners often tilt the cup or hold the pitcher unevenly, causing crooked pours. To prevent this, keep the cup level and align the spout center, ensuring your arm stays parallel to the cup. Slowly pour onto a dry canvas in the center and keep the spout close to the surface. Avoid lifting it too quickly or too high, as this can cause the pitcher to lose its position, resulting in a lopsided pour!.
  • Once you become familiar with the jug, with practice, this pitcher can help you master a highly useful skill. However, if you struggle with the sharp spout and prefer an easier pour, we recommend considering our rounded spout model.


Please take note that refunds or exchanges are not offered under the following conditions.

  • Before shipment, all jugs are inspected. Please be aware that there may be small, but acceptable, variations in spouts left vs right, handle and body due to natural tenacity.
  • Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm that meets an acceptable level of tolerance, but this does not affect the pouring or pouring technique

  • Welding marks may be visible on the handle's inside from Laser welding, but it is not a defect and will not rust.
  • During the polishing or coating process, the metal may come into contact with another object, causing minor scratches to the exterior and interior surfaces of the jug. While we strive to ensure that each jug is carefully inspected, there is no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a scratch-free surface, as indicated in our reference photos.


Read Before You Buy

  • Please review our policies on QC, alignment, colour coating, return and refund, and No Change of Mind. Agree to all policies before ordering.
  • Check item quality before first use. If you have any issues, please report us within 3 days of receiving it, along with the order number and proof of Unboxing. 
  • No refunds allowed for a change of mind or incorrect selections. 
  • Color coating may peel, fade, or discolour over time. 
  • To replace major coating issues or defects unmentioned before use, contact us within 3 days.
  • Signs of used jugs void Return policies




    • As the milk jugs are made of stainless steel, there may be slight variations in tolerance during production. However, at JIBBIJUG, we ensure that these variances remain within acceptable levels.
    • To maintain consistency, we use the Paper Metric Scale method to check and indicate tolerance in metric units, as different customers may have varying methods for measuring alignment. This method helps us ensure that the jug is within the desired tolerance range instead of relying on visual inspection alone, which can lead to incorrect assumptions.
    • When manufacturing is completed, we place the jug upside down to position the spout's tip at the midpoint of the scale, then align the rim of the jug left and right until it meets the same number on the scale. We also check the handle placement and ensure it aligns with the same scale measurement. However, there may still be acceptable variations of 1-2mm due to natural material tenacity during the production process.
    • Before packaging and shipping, we conduct individual checks and quality control to ensure that all JIBBIJUG products meet our strictest standards. This includes checking the finish, color, and alignment of the final product.


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