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JIBBI used This Glass sever to win the National Aeropress and World Championship 2022.

The Origin Decanter Server Set by Trinity is a sleek, minimalist, low-tech coffee brewer and server in one. Designed to give you a full control experience to adjust your flow and contact time by increasing the resistance of the base.

This stylish decanter includes a glass filter module, which has a sequence grid system on the bottom, simply attach the module pieces in whatever arrangement you desire and insert your paper filter before brewing normally.

You can also use the server with your favourite dripper as it is compatible with most other drippers (V60 range, AeroPress, Kalita etc.)

Suitable Filters:

Kalita Wave (155 Size)

Placing chilling iced balls


- Filter Module Volume 155ml

- Decanter Volume: 500ml (below filter module) / 750ml (below spout)

- Material: Borosilicate glass


1 x Origin Glass Decanter

1 x Glass Filter

6 x Filter Modules

Trinity Origin Dripper Server Set - Glass

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