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COFFEE: Colombia Cafe Granja La Esperanza Sidra Natural, World Brewers Cup winner 2023





  • This limited quantity filter roast coffee is available in 25 tins. We are excited to introduce our first roasted coffee, the Sidra, from Café Granja's Las Margaritas farm in Colombia.
  • This coffee showcases the natural processed Sidra varietal from the Potosi farm. Café Granja is well-known in the world of Barista and Brewers Cup competitions, with Carlos Medina from Chile winning the 2023 World Brewers Cup and finalists like Dawn Chang from Hong Kong in 2015 and Lex Wenneker from the Netherlands in 2018.
  • The Sidra is grown on their Potosi farm in the Valle del Cauca region, using Red Bourbon and Typica varieties. This hybrid produces a remarkably sweet cup with crisp acidity, making it an excellent choice for competition coffee.


Coffee Details:

  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Cauca Valley
  • Farm: Potosi
  • Farmer: Cafe Granja La Esperanza
  • Cultivar: Sidra
  • Growing Altitude: 1400-1860 meters above sea level (MASL)
  • Processing Method: Natural
  • Score: Above 90


Cup Profile:

Fragrance and Aroma: Tropical fruits, strawberry, floral.

Taste and Aftertaste: Cherry, strawberry, milk chocolate, Mango, Pineapple, aromatic, citric, malic acidity, silky body, and prolonged residual notes of tropical fruit.


About the Coffee Fermentation:

  • The Potosi farm spans 11 hectares and is located in the Caicedonia municipality. It sits at an altitude of 1400-1860 MASL. Skilled pickers carefully select the Sidra cherries, which are then placed into tanks that are not fully sealed, allowing the air to escape.
  • The cherries undergo fermentation in the tanks for 48 hours, intensifying the flavors in the cup. The temperature is controlled every 6 hours to ensure it stays below 30 degrees Celsius. After fermentation, the cherries are mechanically dried for 48 hours to remove the moisture, followed by an additional 8 days of sun drying on patios.

30g Tin SIdra (WBR)

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