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The Medium Narrow spout has been skillfully designed to provide precise and intricate lines, allowing artists of all levels to create beautiful and intricate patterns.

  • RONIN     =   150g weight, Suit for Shorter and Wider Cup shapes.

  • KUNGFU =   160g weight, Suit Tall and Narrow Cup designs.

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The short and pointed spout enables all beginners who are still getting used to wiggling heavyweight, this short and pointed spout is an excellent option. It restricts the milk flow, preventing spills and enabling the creation of high-contrast patterns.  On the other hand, experienced baristas who are skilled in pouring near the crema can take advantage of the short spout design to further enhance their latte art skills.

  • KENDO 0.7 mm    =   160g, Suit for Smaller cup 

  • KENDO 0.8 mm    =   180g, Suit for Bigger cup 

  • NINJA  0.8 mm     =   180g, Suit for Big hand 

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Our best-selling 'Eagle's Beak' spout is just the right size for cafes of all sizes, providing maximum control and versatility for creating detailed artwork while minimizing milk waste.

  • Warrior           = 180g, 0.8mm (Longer + Pointy spout), help to reach the surface of the canvas. = Basic & Intermediate

  • Superwomen = 170g, 0.7mm (Medium Inward spout), produce well-defined lines = Versatile and precise wing tulip pour. 

  • Magic              = 190g, 0.8mm (Medium Rounder + Outward Pointy spout)=  Versatile for any design and precise tulip pour.

  • Captain           = 190g, 0.8mm (Narrow + Slanted spout), help reach even tight space  = Basic & Intermediate

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Introducing a new size jug designed to perfectly accommodate all large cups without any milk wastage!

  • This makes it ideal for milk steaming, especially for 300ml cups.

  • It's perfect for use in cafes and allows one to draw basic patterns and get close to the surface.

  • Additionally, the Karate is equipped with a short spout and can fit all cup sizes, making it the only jug you'll need.

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The 'Eagle's Beak spout is a long and Super pointy spout perfect for achieving versatile patterns with maximum control from Compound leaves, Single leaves, Fine lines, Tulips, Drawing, Animals, etc.

  • MUSKETEER V1   =     240g, 0.8 mm Thickness, Basic & Intermediate, Unisex handle

  • MUSKETEER V2   =     240g, 0.8 mm Thickness,  Basic & Intermediate, Big Hand for male barista

  • MUSKETEER V3   =     200g, 0.7 mm Thickness, Drawing animal, Unisex handle

    • V3 V2  = Logo at the handle​

  • MUSKETEER V4   =    190g, 0.7 mm Thickness, Drawing a story, Animal and Illustration lines.