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"Explore Our Exceptional Coffee: Cup of Excellence #3, 2023"

"With an impressive score of 90.81, our coffee offers a delightful blend of floral notes, white grape hints, earl grey undertones, honey sweetness, and tangerine accents, all wrapped in a silky texture with a complex acidity. Grown at the esteemed Don Cayito Estate under the expertise of producer Luis Ricardo Calderon Madrigal, this remarkable Geisha varietal undergoes a honey process, ensuring its distinctive flavor profile. Fragrant, balanced, harmonious, with a juicy, rounded body and structured taste."

"The name 'Don Cayito' pays tribute to the esteemed Ricardo Calderon, affectionately known as Cayito Brenes. Last year marked a significant milestone for the Madrigal family, securing 1st place at the prestigious Cup of Excellence (COE) competition and establishing a record-breaking auction price of $300 per lb."

"Introducing the same award-winning Geisha from a farm consistently ranking among COE's top 3. This year, securing the 3rd place, it's described as a 'high-impact coffee' with transparent complexity, featuring prominent tropical fruit notes, passionfruit, rose tea, and jasmine. Our consistent victories underscore our unwavering commitment to quality and our meticulous attention to detail."

COE Rank3 - FInca Doncayito Costarica Honey

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