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I'm thrilled to offer this special limited offering Ethiopia natural " COE'S 2020 WINNER" coffee 

  • This Coffee produced by NIGUSE GEMEDA  COE'S 2020 WINNER, he won 1st place in Ethiopia's cup of excellence 2020
  • Award Winning Farm rank #25 COE in 2021 with score of 87.56.
    • This Coffee is a winning lots that are the top 30 coffees that scored above an 87 by the Cup of Excellence Global Coffee Centers
    • Cup of Excellence:  These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process


This exclusive microlot is incredibly juicy, Tropical-sweet, Blueberry and intense but balanced, very well structured, Super complex coffee!!! This is a real GEM.


Tasting Notes:   Mango, Honeydew, Dried Banana, Blueberry jam all the way as it cools with long and smooth after taste

Aroma:               Rose, Berries, Strawberry on the break.
Cupping:           Mango, Sugar cane, Blueberry, Melon, Flowery berry-bomb, Super complex, syrupy and refined aftertaste


This is one of the best Ethiopia Full natural coffee in 2021 I have ever tasted !


Grower: Niguse Gemeda

Process: "Natural" dried in the fruit on raised beds in the sun

Region: Keramo Village, Bensa District, Sidama Zone, Southern Nations

Cultivar:  74158 (Indigenous Heirloom )

Harvest: December 2021

Elevation: 2200 


Recommend Brewing Recipe

30 click CMD

Red/ Purple fruit : Water Temp 90-92C , Brew Ration 1:15 

  • Bloom 60g, wait 50 sec
  • Add wtaer till 130g
  • Add water till 200g   
  • Add water till 250g 

Total time 2.3 mins


Tropiocal Sweetness : Water Temp 92C , Brew Ration 1:15 

  • Bloom 50g, wait 350 sec
  • Add wtaer till 130g
  • Add water till 190g   
  • Add water till 250g 

Total time 2.3 mins



The story

  • About this delicate and lovely natural coffee, my green coffee arriving in 30 kgs Vacuum packed, i opened the bag and see the small green bean size about 16 scree size that indicate more detail about the coffee’s history and origin.
  • Then i had roasted my 1st sample roasting with Ikawa and then i cupped it with my few freinds and every one was in the state of "JOY" .... and i heard "WOW"..... We chatted about the experience for a few minutes ...Ripe mangeo, Dried banana, Honeydew , Blueberry and Cotton candy sweetness accompany blackberry jam notes and a lush rose water fragrance. I could tell something special was going on.
  • And then I started researching the coffee farmer and discovered that the origin of this coffee is one and the same as last year’s winning lot from Ethiopia’s first ever Cup of Excellence competition 2020. 
  • Now i have finished my productuon roast in Porbat P5, once i open the lid to get the coffee for my  final quality control.. i noticed a sudden smell "Frangance amd Yoyo candy" right off my face. 


My experiences

  • This naturally processed coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia began with a sweet and complex fragrance that reminded me of Mango, blueberries, strawberries , honeydew and a mix of other tropical fruit flavors.

  • During the brew I picked up much of the same aromas, but also subtle notes of banana—one of the most exciting notes I think to find in coffee. In the flavor I tasted much of the same with tropical fruit notes taking a forefront and being supported by sweet berries fruit and floral notes and somedried banana notes. The acidity was present, but not overly pronounced and the mouthfeel was smooth and syrupy with a medium body.

  • The fruit-forward sweetness was dominate throughout with the tropical fruit notes taking a front seat. The finish was long but featured with berries sweetness and same from the flavor.

  • I loved the complexity of flavors in this coffee and the way they evolved as the coffee cooled. The coffee worked really well in the 2-4 pour over methods at 90C I experimented with. 


About Grower 

  • Niguse Gemeda Mude placed first in the 2020 Cup of Excellence Ethiopia with 91.40 score. In this 2021, he has placed Rank 25 in the same competition, However, we are thrilled to promote his coffee in crop 2021.
  • Niguse Gemeda’s farm is in the Keramo community, part of Sidama’s Bensa district, just inside the zone’s eastern border with the Harenna Forest National Park. Red cherries are selected, and placed on a raised African bed to dry for 19 days.
  • Keramo is situated in a very high altitude area which gives the complex coffee profile, the red cherry maturity period a lot longer than the usual Ethiopian coffee. We believe gives this coffee distinct character which is why it was the number 1 coffee during COE Ethiopia.”
  •  Drying demanded additional sorting and care to be sure only the best cherry was represented and dried as meticulously as possible. The results are exemplary: one of our highest-scoring natural Ethiopias in 2020 year.
  • We received the coffee in vacuum-sealed packages in order to keep the coffee as fresh as possible on its way to you. We’re thrilled to offer this special limited offering and can’t wait to hear what you think about it. For us this is the best Ethiopian coffee in our shelf.


About the Coffee & farm

  • Niguse Gemeda’s farm is in the Keramo community, part of Sidama’s Bensa district, just inside the zone’s eastern border with the Harenna Forest National Park. This part of Sidama contains some of the zone’s highest farming elevations and coolest daily temperatures.
  • The farm itself is two hectares, only slightly larger than the average among smallholders in the region. But the quality potential was so apparently high that Faysel Yonis, founder of Testi Coffee and the innovative Testi Ayla coffee washing station, decided to pre-finance Niguse’s crop. This is the first harvest commissioned as a microlot by Faysel, the first microlot produced by Niguse


Ethiopia COE's winner 2020 "Niguse Gemeda"

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