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We are thrilled to introduce our latest coffee to you - a unique blend with the exquisite taste of RED CANDY FLAVOUR! Brought to you from the famous Elpariso farm in Colombia, the coffee beans are sourced from the highly desired Red Bourbon variety lot B-40 and meticulously crafted by master producer Diego Bermudez. This coffee is sure to amaze your senses.


Flavour Profile:

  • The refreshing aroma of fresh berries combined with the sweetness of brown sugar will wake your senses. The coffee is perfectly balanced, with a medium body and a creamy texture that leaves a delightful aftertaste of sweet berries. The cherry candy and strawberry cream flavours give this coffee its unique flair



  • To produce the final product, full cherries are fermented using yeast. The resulting mosto from the first fermentation undergoes a second anaerobic fermentation without its skin. The cherries are then washed and subsequently dried in a mechanical dryer for 30 hours.

  • Kindly note that there is one error in the information on our label. It is mentioned as "pink bourbon" whereas it should be "red bourbon".


Coffee Information

Origin:  Colombia

Region: Cauca, Piendamó, Tunía

Farm: El Paraiso

Producer: Diego Samuel Bermúdez Tapia

Fermentation Washed Thermal Shock

Variety:  Red Bourbon 

Altitude: 1930m



About Producer

  • Diego Bermudez is a pioneering farmer who approaches innovation purely scientifically. He was among the first farmers in Colombia to experiment with fermentation processes, utilizing various microorganisms and yeasts. Diego has developed over 10 reproducible protocols or recipes, allowing him to produce his highly sought-after flavour profiles on demand. 
  • A strict regimen of almost industrial-style processing is the foundation of Diego's success, where cleanliness and a controlled environment are paramount. All cherries thoroughly wash with filtered water to remove any microorganisms on the skins. Next, Diego introduces his own carefully crafted recipes of microorganisms into the fermentation process, based on a thorough organic compound analysis of the cherry contents. He then closely monitors fermentation levels through temperature, PH, pressure, and other environmental variables. 


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