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Introducing our exquisite Hybrid Washed CM Fermentation coffee! This vibrant and pink-hued blend is the result of careful selection and processing techniques.

We start by hand-picking only the ripest cherries, ensuring they have the highest sugar content for optimal fermentation. The double CM fermentation process takes place both in the cherry and when pulped, resulting in a truly unique flavor profile.

Our dedicated team at Mikava takes extra care during the fermentation process. The whole coffee cherries undergo a 32-hour fermentation period, followed by an additional 24 hours for the seed, all done indoors in a low-temperature environment.

To bring out the full potential of this exceptional coffee, it is dried on raised beds until it reaches 11% humidity. This meticulous drying process enhances the flavor and ensures a consistent quality.

Experience the bright and crisp notes of our Hybrid Washed CM Fermentation coffee today. Don't miss out on this limited edition "competition lot" selection personally chosen by Paul himself. Order yours now!


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