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Musketeer V4 V2

Introducing the Musketeer V4 V2 – now even lighter at 190g with a short handle, perfect for intricate designs. The lightweight design allows for more precision and less pressure, ensuring no spills. Effortlessly draw on surfaces like a pen.

🌟 Pro Features:

•Lightweight at 190g, 0.7mm thickness for intricate patterns.

•Short handle ideal for small hands or females.

•Same short handle as our Ironman version, designed for dragging with semi-foam alloy.

•Ample space for the palm, providing better control for drawing patterns.

•Suitable for anyone preferring a small handle for closer control to the jug’s body.

•Milk frothing measuring lines and model name help achieve the perfect froth and minimize wastage.

•Ideal for basic pushing patterns in small cups (6-10 oz size).


•Thin, embossed Swan Logo compared to V1, chosen for authentic reasons.

•Possible dents or factory marks may appear inside or outside the jug, mainly at the bottom, due to the 0.7mm thickness. These marks are not defects, damages, or from transit.

•Wire markings inside the milk jug are normal during electroplating, occurring as the wire holds the jug in place. This doesn’t indicate any defects or poor production.

•Rainbow-plated jugs showcase a variety of colors, and occasional soft spots may occur but are not considered defects.

•After initial use, fingerprints may appear on the Matte Coating. This is not a color defect; using Glass spray followed by wiping with a microfiber cloth will remove these marks.

•Purple gold Matt achieves its purple shade by blending various tones, resulting in a unique mix. The matte finish may cause the color to subtly change after a single wash.

Jibbi’s Notes

If your latte art appears crooked during pouring, it might not be due to misaligned spouts or handles. Our jugs are crafted with precise tolerance limits. The pointed spout design allows little margin for error, requiring a steady hand and precise movements. In contrast, jugs with large round spouts offer more forgiveness when off-center. Practice will refine your technique, so avoid prematurely attributing issues to the jug alone; consider other factors.

During tulip pours, beginners often tilt or grip the pitcher unevenly, lifting too much for each layer of the tulip, resulting in irregular shapes. To achieve consistent results, keep the cup level, align the spout centrally, and maintain a parallel arm. Slow, controlled pouring onto a dry canvas stabilizes the jug, preventing excessive lifting and ensuring even pours.

Mastering this jug through practice enhances your skills. For those preferring simpler pours or struggling with jug control, our rounded spout model may be more suitable.

Quality Assurance Notice: No Refund or Exchange Below This Mentioned

•All jugs are inspected before shipment. Minor variations in spouts, handles, and bodies due to production tolerances are normal.

•Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm, which does not affect pouring technique.

•Laser welding marks inside the handle are not defects and do not lead to rust.

•Minor scratches may occur due to the lightweight design intended for latte art performance. Although each jug undergoes thorough inspection, they may not be entirely scratch-free due to this thickness.

•By purchasing a color-coated jug, you acknowledge these conditions, including minor scratches and factory marks on both exterior and interior surfaces. Plated items will naturally tarnish over time with use.

Read Before You Buy:

•Review our quality control, alignment, color coating, return/refund, and No Change of Mind policies before placing your order. By proceeding, you agree to these terms.

•Inspect the item’s quality before first use. Report any issues within 3 days of receipt, along with the order number and unboxing proof.

•No refunds for change of mind, incorrect selections, or used items.

•Color coating may peel, fade, or discolor over time. Contact us within 3 days for major coating issues or defects not mentioned before use.

•Signs of use invalidate return policies.

This super lightweight milk jug, small handle is perfect for baristas who want to elevate their latte art game. Despite minor scratches or thin material, the ronin v2 offers unparalleled control and precision.

Musketeer V4 V2

Musketeer V4 V2
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