NINJA 400ml is a "Handle Free" SHARP with 0.8mm Thickness = Come with a JIBBILITTLE HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE - Red or Black

    • Enjoy the comfortable soft heat resistant rubber and defined spout design.The combination of a handle free design and super narrow pouring spout make this item the most versatile latte art pitcher available.
    • We have carefully positioned the heat resistant rubber to enable the perfect hand position when pouring latte art.    

    JIBBI's Note

    • The kendo spout is specifically designed to be short, and protruded (hanging). We have been asked if this is a design defect but can assure customers that it is designed this way for pouring efficiency.
    • Since the spout has a unique V-Shaped design a different handling is needed. On a Tulip pour, loop-side happens because the spout is not close enough. Please pour it closer almost touching the surface.
    • Enjoy your Jibbi Jug for years to come we promise our product is fault free. Once familiarise with the jug, you will notice that you have mastered a very useful skill.