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  • This is a tropical fruit character with a chamomile tea aroma that reminds me of my childhood having sweet mango and pineapple from a fruit kiosk in Thailand.
  • We love the fact that he manages a farm as a Terroir based, Ecology based and Socially fair based. This makes the coffee even more valuable, we love to empower growers and drive sustainable by creating 


Coffee Information

Varietal : sydra from the official Nestlé coffee project in Ecuador

Process: Wave nature

  • 8 days tank anaeróbic dry fermentation
  • Last two days mosto adding
  • Lots of motion to even ferm and temp
  • Out to dark room drying for 22 days with dehumidifiers
  • Also lots of motion through out drying
  • 3 month stabilization in dry cherry on double grain pro bags


Procucer Story

  • José “pepe” jijon was born 1974 in Brazil , his father was an Ecuador diplomat in Brazil.
  • He love to to travel around the world, toatal of  120 countries in his  life as an explorer. 
  • He was a Solo expeditionary, and a first Latin to solo climb the highest mountain of every continental mass (seven summits solo)
  • He Started finca Soledad from scratch in 2010 with one of the first ever Typica mejorado and Sydra cultivar lots in north Ecuador ( Imbabura province )
  • He replanted the farm with shade 25.000 trees and an equal amount of coffee plants
  • It’s a very small artisan family ran enterprise .



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