The Sumo 700ml milk jug is the new BIG BROTHER on the block

  • It’s lightweight at only 200g with a paint brush like spout.
  • The fine and smooth edges of the tip allow consistently smooth dragging and the delivery of clean multiple layers of shadow leaves.
  • The body of the milk jug is designed to support the WLC Cup 300ml, and the wide bottomed diameter helps pouring allowing a thick/ glossy crema, and any style on the canvas. When held there is an immediate connection to project.
  • The Tip of the spout is designed to help dragging of lines without bleeding.
  • This style of Spout makes it easy to draw neatly and quickly with a steady milk flow which does not require too much pressure.
  • This is a Jibbi favourite that great for basic and advance, and took more than a year to design from concept to 3D modding until completion. 


Pro Features

  • 0.7mm Thickness, Light weight at 200g  for best shadow leave with lots of layers.
  • Short ergonomic handle designed to drop the milk pour straight down without any sliding angle that would create blurring at the start. 
  • Unique spout combine three componets of Pointy & Rounded & Wide.
  • Come with Authentic Logo JIBBIJUG Logo at the bottom.



  • Due to the material is at 0.7mm so it will be easy to getting factory marks than 0.8mm thickness
  • Easy to get dents if you dropped heavily on the floor. 


Jibbi's note

  • We have been asked if this is a design crooked or not Symmetry by how its look and feel, but can assure that it is designed this way for pouring efficiency and also we have developed the proper tools to ensure our Alignement is in 1-2mm tolereance. 
  • As the spout is uniquely designed whilst it takes a little time to master, once perfected it will make pouring more intricate and detailed. The downward angle of the spout is crafted to be narrow, sharp and straight. As you become more confident with this spout, the results will become more apparent, as you get proficient with the spout. (See Jibbi's note on the right bullets)


Please read carefully as we do not offer any refunds or exchange under the conditions mentioned below.

  • We check all the jugs before posting them to you. All stainless steel production will have a slight tolerance and variance occur from jug to jug or in any parts of the jug due to their natural tenacity, so you will find small but acceptable variations between spouts left vs right/ handle and body.
  • There is a welding marks at the handle inside the jug from Laser welding to make your Handle last longer. This marks is not a defect and does not rust.
  • We cceptable variations of handle alignment with a tolerance range of 1-2mm in Production by monitor and test to ensure there are the same within the acceptable level of tolerance. This is no way affects the pouring or the pouring technique.
  • In the process unfortunately at times of Polishing or Coating, the metal might come into contact with another object that slightly scratches the metal outer and internal surface of the jug .
  • Whilst all care is taken in looking at each jug, there is no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a surface with no scratches. (See our reference photo).
  • In agreeing to purchase this Color Coating you accept that it’s not a defect but rather part of the production process. There would be some scratces and factory marks on the exterior and interior. Anything plated will eventually tarnish with time and wear.


Read before you buy

Sumo -Shadow Leaves "Light weight"

    • As the jugs are made of stainless steel they have their natural tenacity and each part of the process establishes an ongoing tolerance and variance. We do monitor and test to ensure there are the same within the acceptable level of tolerance. 

    • We also well know that every customer have different ideas and method for checking the alignment or any parts of the milk jug. However at JIBBIJUG we use Paper Metric Scale method to indicate the tolerance in metric units. We believed that the Paper Metric Scale is the best way to check and ensure it is within the acceptable and desired tolerance range rather than judging by visual appearance which may create an incorrect assumption in some way.

    • At the completion of manufacturing we will place the jug upside down to position the tip of the spout at the mid point of the scale then placing the rim of the jug both left and right until it meets the same number on the scale. Finally, we will check the handle placement and if it is aligned within the scale measurement.

    • However everything will have a slight tolerance due to natural material tenacity, so you will find small but acceptable variations between jugs with a tolerance range of 1-2mm in the production process. 

    • We will always ensure individual checks before packing and quality control and  that all JIBBIJUG products meet our strictest standards At the warehouse, when it comes to checking the product before shipping.  This includes all aspects of the final product such as finish, colour and alignment.