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This coffee will change your perception on Brazil coffee, when the well executed natural process done correctly, it can lift up the cup quality to 86 ❤️👏


Country: Brazil

State: Minas Gerais

Region: Campos das Vertentes

Farm: Santo Antonio

Altitude: 1160m

Variety: Red Mundo Novo

Processing: Natural – Aerobic Ferm.

Farmers: Joao Newton Teixeira

Screen size: 16+

Moisture: 10.2%



Coffee story


Pedro Gabarra, Joao Newton’s son, is the 6th generation of coffee growers in his family. Coffee is more than a business; coffee is a passion for the family. The care for the environment is paramount at the farm and it is recognised by the certifications they carry. In 2019 they were awarded the most sustainable farm in Brazil.

One of Pedro’s farm is part of WINGS project as rehabilitation and release area. They take care of 2 aviaries to help and release native birds back to the wild.


Boozy body with layers of tropical fruits. Papaya, pineapples, and blueberries

Brazil Red Mundo Novo

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