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English or Thai (Minimum 3 pp)

  • Ended
  • From 300 Australian dollars
  • Harbour Street

Service Description

CUPPING COFFEE – LEARN TO CUP LIKE PRO 7 hrs (1day or 2 Days split) Discover cupping as a method to taste, evaluate, and compare coffee flavor, quality, and potential. Learn from "JIBBI"COE Judge about differentiating coffee processing, varietals, and origins, drawing from her extensive experience in sourcing, roasting, quality control, and training for specific flavor standards. Train your palate to discern tasting notes through Cupping exercises, mastering the key tips and tricks of all three stages (DRY - WET - TASTE). Utilize Compare & Contrast techniques to uncover nuances in cupping, including Flavor, Acidity, Sweetness, Body, and Aftertaste. 10 am - 2 PM 1: History of Coffee, learn from zero to Pro.. Region / Varieties/ Process 2. SCA Cupping Coffee Procedures 3: Triangulation Processing (Washed/ Honey/ Nat), Compare & Contrast (FL/AC/SW/BO/AF) DRY - WET - TASTE (3 x Exercises)* 4: Nose Training Aroma (Beginner 9 + others nee trend notes) 5: Triangulation Coffee Growing Regions (Africa/ Asia/ Central America), Learn, Compare & Contrast (FL/AC/SW/BO/AF), DRY - WET - TASTE (3 x Exercises)* 6: Triangulation Coffee New Processing (Anaerobic/ CM/ 72 hrs/ Fruit Infused), Compare & Contrast Learn Coffee Processing, DRY - WET - TASTE (3 x Exercises)* 7: Triangulation Coffee Varietals (Typica/ Bourbon / Caturra/ GESHA/ ETC), Learn Coffee Varieties, Compare & Contrast, DRY - WET - TASTE (3 x Exercises)* 8: Acids in Coffee BREAK: 2 Pm - 2.30 PM 2.30 PM - 5.30PM 9: Recap and Build your coffee vocabulary and develop and enhance your palate using SCA Flavour Wheel 10. Roasting defects 11: Defects in coffee 12: Exam Triangulation Coffee Process / Varietals of each stage DRY - WET - TASTE (3 x Exercises)* + others Cuppers must distinguish Please confirm your group size before proceeding. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate group bookings with less than three participants. The class requires a minimum of three and can accommodate up to six. ** The class can open at your preferred time & Date ** $400 each for 3 -4 Students ** $300 each for 5- 6 Students * $1000 for 1 Basic Etiquette - A focused mental attitude, No distractions - No odour like perfume, aftershave, lotion, body odour, cigarette smoke, etc. - No talking during cupping so as not to influence other cuppers -Most importantly – BE CONSISTENT CUP TO CUP. Consistency is key in any experiment!

Contact Details

  • 1205/83 Harbour Street, Haymarket NSW, Australia


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